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July Highlights

It’s that time of year where everyone starts heading off on holiday – but we’re as busy as ever here at Century. July brought with it more varied projects and new challenges for a range of customers. To support our exciting growth and we’re continually looking internally to improve our processes and make everything we […]

4 things to know about fitting intruder alarms in your business

Configuring intruder alarm

In 2016, for every 1000 businesses 303 burglaries were recorded. That’s a pretty staggering 30% of businesses being affected by burglaries, across all industries. If you’re not putting the right measures in place to guard against intruders, then you could become a part of this statistic, and experience significant losses in assets and property damage. A […]

3 of the most common security threats to your business

Nowadays, there’s growing concern around cybersecurity, and the threats that businesses and organisations of all sizes expose themselves to if they don’t protect themselves effectively. With cyber criminals becoming more sophisticated, and the potential impact becoming greater and greater as businesses rely more on data, it’s right that this should be in focus. That being […]