3 essentials for your business security system

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Nowadays, there are a wide variety of business security solutions out there – from highly secure heavy-duty automated gates to cutting-edge video analytics and monitoring. Obviously, it’s not just about having all the bells and whistles – it’s about ensuring you have exactly what you need to protect your business. We pride ourselves on being a trusted advisor to our customers – we won’t try and sell them something they don’t need, and we won’t compromise on safety and security.

With that in mind, here are 3 things we see as being essential for keeping your business security system effective


Seamless integration

As a business grows over the years, and different facilities and maintenance staff come and go, it’s very easy for security systems to end up being a real mixture of legacy and newer systems. Upgrading or implementing a piece at a time is obviously budget friendly, but can cause a wider issue – lack of integration.

To truly deliver a secure and safe environment, your security systems need to talk to each other. f you’ve got an access control system, this should be integrated both on-premise and with things like automatic gates and barriers – to ensure that visitor identification and authentication is consistent, and monitoring who’s coming and going is easy.

Not only does it provide vital protection, integrating different systems can take your security to the next level too. Combining your access control system with CCTV and cutting-edge video analytics can help you not only identify who’s coming in and out of your business, but loiterers and unexpected items too.


Regular maintenance

It’s great to have a well-equipped and seamlessly integrated security system in place, but this doesn’t mean anything if it’s not working to its full capability. Having a fault in your system can leave you seriously exposed, and without a nailed down service contract, it can be difficult to get some providers to come out and address issues.


Century make ourselves available for emergency callouts 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, but we also help customers be more proactive with maintenance through service contracts. Not only does an ongoing maintenance contract help to ensure that your system is functioning and and optimised to perform at its best, it also means you can ensure you’re complying with key industry health and safety standards, such as the Machinery Directive for automatic gates and BS 5389 for fire alarms.


Remote monitoring and control

As much or as little as you might want to be, you can’t and won’t be on your business premises all the time. Obviously, the threat of a security breach doesn’t just go away when you’re not there – and even more obviously, break-ins or other breaches are much more likely to occur during periods when the premises are empty or near empty. That’s why it’s a good idea to opt for a security system which can be monitored and controlled remotely. Some providers – like Century – can offer remote monitoring for you, or you might choose to manage this yourself. The latest security systems such as CCTV, intruder alarms, access control and even gates and barriers can usually be controlled remotely from a mobile phone or device. That means no matter where you are, you have the peace of mind that you can monitor and lock down certain parts of your premises at the push of a button. Some businesses even add sophisticated video analytics to work in conjunction with their CCTV system and help them automatically spot intruders and prompt other systems such as access control and intruder alarms to respond accordingly.

If you would like more help or advice on designing and implementing a security system which will give your business the protection it deserves – get in touch.

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