5 advantages of using an ANPR car parking system

Even in the time where cyber threats to a business are so prominent, it’s still vital to think about the physical threats, and ensure the perimeter of your premises are suitably protected. A business’ first line of defence and entry point is the security gate or automatic barrier. Choosing the right type of gate or barrier is important, but what about a more secure way of tracking who’s coming in and out, and ensuring only authorised vehicles come in?

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is technology which uses cameras and optical character recognition to match against a database of number plates. ANPR is often used in crime and road policing, but with the technology becoming more accessible, it is becoming increasingly popular as a car parking management and access control solution for businesses of all sizes.

Here are 5 advantages of installing an ANPR car parking system in your business.



While installing a heavy duty security gate is an effective deterrent and protection against intruders, it’s also important to consider how easy it is for people you want to grant access to – employees, partners, delivery vehicles – to get in and out. After all, having a manual check system could be very time consuming, and if for example your delivery vehicles are on a strict logistical schedule, it could add precious minutes. Having an ANPR system in place means that vehicles can be automatically allowed access in and out if they match against your database of number plates, without anyone having to perform time-consuming manual checks, or even having to go to the extent of stationing someone at the barrier, which would cost extra budget and resource.


Extra secure

As stringent as you can make your processes, and as careful as a manual check can be, there’s still no accounting for human error. One incorrect number or letter could result in a serious security breach. Using an ANPR system, you get around 99% accuracy when reading a number plate, giving you peace of mind that you can rely on the technology to spot unauthorised vehicles and deny them entry.


Resource management

Not only can an ANPR system help to manage access to your barriers and gates, it can also help you with powerful time and resource management too. Number plate tracking presents an efficient and effective way of getting more visibility of when employees are arriving to and leaving the premises. Fed straight into your HR system, this can lead to you being able to nip any problems with lateness or leaving early in the bud and address with the employee directly.


Parking management

Combined with a state-of-the-art parking management system, ANPR can help you better manage traffic flow and parking on your premises. Should an employee or visitor need to move their car, ANPR backed with the number plate database makes it easier to identify the vehicle and the person it belongs to, meaning any issues get resolved much more quickly.



Again combined with a car park monitoring and management technology, ANPR can help you identify and address potential safety issues. Alerted to someone driving in a hazardous way or speeding, you can combine this with your ANPR system to identify the employee or person in question and quickly address the problem before an accident occurs.


If you’d like to find out more about utilising cutting-edge ANPR and parking management technology in your business, get in touch. We will visit you on-site for a free consultation and help assess your parking and access control requirements.

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