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What are Car Park Barriers? 

Car park barriers are designed to restrict the flow of vehicles entering and leaving your car park.  The effective use of car park barriers can be implemented to:

  • Allow only authorised vehicles entry
  • Allow only a set number of vehicles access at any time
  • To ensure parking restrictions such as payments are met before exiting

It is fair to say that car park barriers are regularly seen and used by car drivers entering and leaving car parks, business parks and restricted retail spaces.   Many councils and housing associations are also using Barriers or Bollards, strategically placed to restrict access. Car parking spaces are an emotive issue at some work places and it is likely that if you own a business or manage business premises you have considered the security, access and egress of vehicles in your car parks.

We appreciate that for some business’s managing your car parks may seem like a pointless expense, however, there are in fact many reasons and benefits to installing barriers on any kind of car park. In some instances your council may dictate that your car park is restricted so as not to offer free town centre parking and restrict the councils car parking revenue, whilst in other instances staff have become disillusioned with the lack of car parking availability or car thefts.

In this article we, Century Secure Group, have attempted to highlight why car park barriers and controlled entry systems are needed and the types of systems generally available.

Car Parking Management Systems Create a Safer Space

If you are a business, irrespective your number one priority is the safety of your staff, customers and visitors.  And, if you own a car park, one of the biggest concerns is keeping that space safe and secure. Especially if you have lone workers such as cleaners entering and leaving the premises outside of normal working hours.

Theft from and theft of motor vehicles is not uncommon, especially in town centres and near busy roads.  Imagine returning to your vehicle and seeing it has gone missing or has been vandalised or broken into.  It is unlikely that you will return to the car park or if you would feel safe enough to use the facility again.

It has been proven that car park barriers are a component in a car parking management system that act as a deterrent for break-ins and also vandalism.  Today, automatic barriers, gates, posts fencing and bollards can be used almost anywhere.  They each have a role to fill and can mount up to a very effective security solution to help manage your outside space.

Car Park Barriers Can Prevent Unauthorised Parking

Imagine the frustration of turning up to work and finding there are no spaces available or the space is overflowing and people have started to park on verges, or in places restricting access to emergency vehicles.  A car park management system can prevent over access in a car park, and alert car park users before they attempt to enter.

Technology can be used to prevent anyone who is not registered from entering your car park.  Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR)  can be used to read and store the registration numbers of the people authorised to enter the car park.  The number plate is read, and approved before entry is processed and the barriers are opened, barriers can also be released with a fob or proximity card. There are many options available to prevent unauthorised car parking in your spaces.

Car Parking Systems

Barriers and bollards are components within a car parking system, the system is generally bespoke to each customers requirements and integrated into multiple components, such as CCTV, Access Control, Communications.  It may include payment solutions, ANPR, proximity or fobs, facial recognition.  Each car parking system is designed to meet the needs of each customer.

Arm Barriers

Most people are familiar with Hi Visibility arm barriers they are generally a heavy-duty high visibility coloured arm, which is of metalEngineer working on automatic security barrier construction. Arm barriers feature a pedestal for stability and support, along with a housed swing mechanism and counter weight.  They can be either mechanical or manual, although manual barriers are usually only fitted where use is occasional.  Arm barriers are usually supplied measuring between 3-6 metres as a standard (up to 9 meters can be installed).  Where distances exceed 6 meters then a duel arm barrier system may be the solution.  Where height is an issue such as an underground car park, a folding arm barrier can be installed.

Arm barriers are generally considered a cost-effective solution for car parking systems, functional, widely used and a solution for most entrances. Arm barriers are highly durable and efficient. They can be used for residential, rural and commercial applications and over the years the arm barriers have been used to interface with an infinite number of other options.

Car Parking Bollards

One of our most innovative car park barrier systems is the introduction of automatic bollards. Designed as an alternative to a gate or barrier which can be damaged by vehicles turning, a solid and sturdy bollard is tougher and not so easily damaged.   The automatic bollards can be centrally controlled to drop and allow emergency services access when needed and can be used as an alternative solution to managing the flow of traffic.

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