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Which category or grade of fire alarm do you need?

Engineer maintaining fire alarm

As a property owner, you know the importance of having a fire safety system in place. When it comes to your business premises, you have both a responsibility and liability to have the correct measures and processes in place to adequately protect your employees and assets in the event of a fire. There should be […]

3 essentials for your business security system

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of business security solutions out there – from highly secure heavy-duty automated gates to cutting-edge video analytics and monitoring. Obviously, it’s not just about having all the bells and whistles – it’s about ensuring you have exactly what you need to protect your business. We pride ourselves on being […]

4 ways video analytics can make your business more secure

Technology is continually evolving to help us and enrich life in more ways than we’d ever thought possible. Whether it’s voice-activated virtual assistants or self-driving cars, it’s making us more informed, and our lives easier. In the field of security, it’s no different – technology is helping us be more secure and more safe.

Smart Home Security Systems to Offer Complete Protection

smart home security systems in the UK

Smart technology is appearing in more and more areas of our lives. We get our entertainment from smart TVs, we communicate using smart phones, and we run our homes with smart digital assistants. The latest area to benefit from the smart revolution is home security, with a whole raft of options available to allow you […]