Environmental Policy Statement

To ensure that Century Fire & Security Limited work is carried out and proven to exceed all current or proposed standards enforced by legislative bodies, regulatory bodies or other interested parties, the directors, managers and staff are committed to ensuring that all systems adhere to the following principles. A copy of this Policy Statement will be available to reflect management commitment to safeguarding the health and safety of its employees, protecting the natural environment and complying with all relevant applicable legislation.


We will continue to incorporate environmental issues into the business risk based decision making process. We will develop and refine our existing Environmental Management Systems based on the ISO 14001:2015 standard, with the aim of continuously improving our environmental performance.

When establishing and reviewing its objectives, the company will consider the legal and other requirements, its significant environmental aspects, its technological options and its financial, operational and business requirements, and the views of interested parties.

Resource & Waste Management

We will continue to promote, within the business, the efficient use and hence the conservation of water, energy and natural resources as well as providing appropriate environmental training to our staff.

Wherever possible environmentally friendly substances will replace less friendly products as they appear on the market.

We will continue to promote the purchase and use of materials within our business in a manner that minimises potential adverse environmental effects. Wherever possible substances not absolutely essential to our processes will be eliminated.

We will further develop waste minimisation initiatives – recycle, re-use and reduce – across the business. Provision of such control measures such as reclamation, re-cycling and the prevention of pollutants contaminating soil or the atmosphere will be an on-going feature of this policy.

Removal of Waste
Where pollutants in liquid, solid or dust form are a by-product of an activity Waste or process these will be stored in suitable containers to prevent leakage Material until removed from the premises by subcontracted registered specialist companies operating within our industry.

Processess & Objectives

Establish and maintain a procedure to identify the environmental aspects of its activities, products or services that it can control and over which it can be expected to have an influence, in order to determine those that have or can have significant impacts on the environment.
Ensure that the aspects related to these significant impacts are considered in setting its environmental objectives.
Establish and maintain a procedure to identify and have access to legal and other requirements to which the organisation subscribes, that are applicable to the environmental aspects of its activities, products or services.

Environment Assessment Audit

We seek to minimise the environmental effects of our business operations by early identification and mitigation of adverse environmental impacts plus regular audits.