Do I need a fire alarm system for business?

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Here we answer the question “do I need a fire alarm system for business?”

A question we sometimes get asked is “do I need a fire alarm system for business” I thought it best to write an article so that you can find this information from the local fire alarms and life safety systems experts as part of your research.  If the question, relates to a legal question, such as “is a fire alarm system for business a legal requirement then the answer is no, a fire alarm is not a legal requirement, however as the business owner you are required to have an appropriate fire detection system in your business premises.

The fire detection system will need to detect smoke and heat within the building and warn the occupants with both audio and visual alerts.

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What Is an Appropriate Fire Alarm System

The key term is your requirement to install the “appropriate” fire detection system and the law requires a fire risk assessment for your premises, as this is a legal requirement.  The fire risk assessment will assess the appropriate level of detection, protection and alert system required.  For example, you may have an unoccupied building, with zero stock, staff or visitors.  The Fire Risk assessment may indicate there is a low fire risk to occupants, neighboring buildings, stock, or the general public.  However, in the event of a fire in the building, would your insurance company specify the need for a professionally installed, maintained and monitored fire system with audio alerts.   The fire risk assessment may indicate a higher risk in a store, where there is an abundance of stock, packaging, staff and visitors along with machinery and equipment that could determine a higher fire and life safety risk level.


The Fire Risk Assessment

Every building owner/occupier will need a fire risk assessment for each property.  The fire risk assessment must be recorded if you have more than 5 people in the building, the risk assessment must be created by a competent person and reviewed, and the review documented each year.

Fire safety is complicated and often requires industry-specific interpretation of the relevant legislation.  A fire alarm system is always installed in line with the fire risk assessment recommendations.

Here you can download a copy of the governments Fire safety risk assessment: 5-step checklist


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Usually, a fire alarm system will consist of 7 components

  • Heat Detection
  • Smoke Detection
  • Fire Suppression
  • Manual Call Points
  • Auditable Alerts
  • Control Panel
  • Monitoring

Your fire risk assessment may include other elements, such as carbon monoxide monitoring, flood detection etc.

Once you have a fire alarm system for business, your responsibility will not cease there.  A key piece of legislation you will need to become familiar with is The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 which includes some of your responsibilities as a business owner or occupier.

You must:

  1. Have a fire risk assessment in place, completed by a competent person
  2. Visually inspect your control panel daily to identify and respond to faults
  3. Carry out weekly fire alarm system tests, by activating at least one fire alarm call-point and confirming the signal is received at the panel and the audio is working correctly.
  4. You must keep a log of all system inspections and tests, along with any staff training, full evacuation tests and corrective action that has been taken.
  5. You must ensure the fire alarm system is adequately maintained, by a competent person and recorded maintained in the fire system log.


Who are Century Fire and Security?

Century Fire and Security is an SSIAB Certified Alarm Systems Company, as a certified company we are competent to replace, install or maintain your fire alarm system, in your business, school, or public sector buildings. Once you have a fire risk assessment, we would be happy to discuss the most appropriate fire detection, life safety and monitoring alert system for your business.

Commercial Fire Alarms with Century Fire & Security

Century Fire & Security offers a complete range of portable fire extinguishers, installing fire alarms for business, and sprinkler systems for all business types, including commercial kitchens, schools, campus, warehouse, and offices, all designed to keep your people and valuables safe from fires, smoke and carbon monoxide.

We also deploy additional fire suppression systems where appropriate such as fire blankets in a commercial kitchen and fire stations in larger warehouses or stores, fire carts that can be mobilised around a property if needed to suppress a fire. (For example, in a car park or loading bay)

Our trained fire and life safety technicians will work with you and your fire risk assessment to determine which air sampling, smoke detection system is best for your business. We will also install and maintain the fire safety system for your commercial building.

To get started with Century Fire & Security today, or for more information on installing, replacing, or maintaining fire and life safety system please call 0800 052 6070

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Century fire and security are a highly accredited, fire and Security installations, integrations, and maintenance services company with local engineers and a specialist firm that businesses, education and public sector clients trust to install and manage all of their Fire & Security needs.

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