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When you request a free home CCTV quote from Century Fire & Security, we ensure all our Home Security quotes are carried out by our qualified CCTV system engineers to ensure you get the right solution, at the right time and with the minimum of fuss.

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Century Fire and Security offers you a free home CCTV quote to ensure you get the system you want. Modern Home CCTV systems have a wide range of features and capabilities that go way beyond simply video monitoring and recording. (although there is still a place for lower featured systems). The modern CCTV cameras have video analytics features such as ANPR, facial recognition, thermal and object classification, as well as various storage- and monitoring-related features including cloud storage and real-time alerts.

If you need specific features, such as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) facial or features recognition, thermal cameras, motion detection, Infra-red lighting, two-way audio, loitering detection (where an item or object stays in a camera view for an exceeded time period), real-time alerts and cloud storage.

Whenever you are ready, Century Fire & Security is here to help, we offer a fast, friendly, and free Home CCTV Quote.
Our surveys are not carried by salespeople, we ask our specialist CCTV service engineers, who will be installing and maintaining the system to identify your needs and present a solution. Please feel free to book a free home CCTV quote using the form attached. Alternatively, call us Free on 0800 052 6070

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    Wired Vs Wireless

    Generally speaking, there are 2 types of home CCTV Systems, wired and wireless, both have advantages and disadvantages. For example, a wireless CCTV system is sometimes more flexible and offers a lower cost of installation. However wireless is generally restricted by distance to the consumer unit and Wi-Fi signal.

    Wireless Home CCTV System.

    • A wireless system is quicker and cheaper to be installed.
    • Less cabling is required
    • Wireless systems can be more flexible in your Home.
    • Systems can be easily moved when offices are re-arranged
    • Test before CCTV installation

    Century Fire & Securityoffers:

    • Friendly service and customer care.
    • In-house CCTV & Integration systems engineers
    • Local and highly qualified and experienced engineers.
    • Full after-sales service
    • On-going maintenance and support
    • All products and services fully compliant to British Standards.

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