How to integrate automatic car park barriers with your security system

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An automated barrier system is a must-have for any business looking to effectively protect and manage entry-points into their premises. A reputable and knowledgeable supplier can design and install a quality solution that will perfectly fit the needs of your particular business and the space available. But the best providers will be able to advise you on how your automated barrier will and should be able to integrate with your wider security system to provide a generally more secure solution.

Just like any security solution – an automatic barrier is only really as good as the wider environment it exists in. With that in mind, here are a few ways you should think about integrating your automatic barriers with your business’ security system.


Access control

There are a number of configurations and options available for how and when your automatic barrier will open and allow access – from proximity sensors to key card readers. It’s important to consider how you want to secure the barrier and how the overall process will be managed. For example, if you choose to install an intercom at the barrier for visitors to gain access, you need to ensure that it’s resourced to operate it effectively. At the point of designing your automatic barrier solution, your provider will be able to talk through your wider security set up and how you manage access generally – there may be an opportunity to link to existing employee key cards for example. They can then ensure that the solution and installation is prepared for your needs.



An access control solution which is becoming more popular for businesses with automatic barriers is automatic number plate recognition (ANPR). Using an ANPR reader on your barrier, you can allow authorised vehicle registrations to enter and exit efficiently. Again, using this solution requires some wider integration with your processes and other systems. You’ll need to maintain a list of authorised number plates as well as manage the process for visitors (they may need to provide their registration prior to arriving so that you can authorise the vehicle). You’ll also need to ensure that records are kept up to date to revoke access from ex-employees or visitors who are no longer authorised.


Video analytics

A slightly more sophisticated solution than access control and even ANPR – video analytics is the next step up in terms of intelligently monitoring and managing entry and exit through your automatic barrier. Linked to a CCTV system, a video analytics solution can give you more coverage, more flexibility and more control over access to your premises. This may be particularly useful if, for example, you have employees working and leaving your premises late at night or after hours, when there is generally less visibility around security on your site. Video analytics can be used to detect the direction or motion of a vehicle – so your barriers can be essentially programmed to allow vehicles to exit, but not to enter, and you can also be alerted if someone does try to enter.


Integration with other systems

Another common practice for businesses is to link their automatic barrier and integrated access control solution with other systems and software outside of security. For example, they may choose to link the access control point at the barrier to their HR system, allowing them to more closely monitor time management, attendance, and other factors. For logistics companies or businesses that make their own deliveries, they might choose to link their barrier with their logistics or ERP system to be able to provide customers and internal staff with accurate departure and expected arrival times.

An automated barrier should be a vital part of your overall security system rather than a stand-alone solution – if you’d like some more help and advice on integrating barriers with your existing environment or a wider security project, get in touch.


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