4 things to know before you install home security gates

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At Century Secure Group UK Ltd, we help a lot of businesses secure and control access to their premises with our automatic gates solutions. But we also help homeowners too. Adding a security gate to your property obviously provides additional protection and peace of mind – particularly if you live on a larger property and keep expensive vehicles in your driveway.

Like anything you do to your home and the surrounding land – you want to get it right. Not only will you likely not have the budget for continually replacing or maintaining your gates, you also want to ensure that anything you do is adding value to your property, should you want to sell it again at some point.

With that in mind, here are 4 things to consider before you install automatic home security gates.


Look and feel

You’re proud of your home and you’ve spent time, money and energy to make it look the way you want it to. If you’re going to be introducing an automatic gate into this environment, you want to be sure that it’s going to fit seamlessly into the kind of look you’re trying to achieve. If you’ve got an older house, chances are a super sleek modern gate isn’t what you’re after. And by the same token, if you’ve got a newer house, you might want to steer away from more traditional looking gates. Engaging with the right supplier will give you access to a bespoke design service which will enable you to create the look you want to complement your existing fixtures and fittings. They can be traditional-looking wrought iron, lightweight aluminium, hardwood or wood-effect.



The space you have available and the layout of your driveway will have an impact on the kind of gate you will be able to install. There are 3 main form factors: sliding, swing and bifold. Sliding and bifold are usually best if you are limited on space in terms of the gates opening, but you should bear in mind that you will need space at or along the side of the gate for it to open. With a swing gate, you need to ensure that there is space for them to open out into. A reputable supplier like Century Secure Group UK Ltd will be able to come and help you assess the space and take the necessary measurements to decide on the best form factor.


Operating your gates

Depending on how you want your automatic gates to work for you, there are obviously a number of ways you can choose to operate (i.e. open and close your gates). This could be a proximity sensor, a fob or card system, or intercom. You might also choose to add remote access control to your gates – integrating with your wider smart home security system and enabling you to open and close the gates remotely. This can be particularly useful for things like deliveries, especially when combined with CCTV and smart intruder alarms.


Ongoing maintenance

Businesses with automatic gate installations are held to strict industry standards around the upkeep and ongoing health and safety of their gates. While you as a homeowner are not necessarily held to these standards, it’s still vital for you to ensure that they remain operational and safe to use. The last thing you want is to get home from a long day at work or evening out to find that you can’t get back into your property because your gate mechanism has failed! Suppliers like Century Secure Group UK Ltd can provide flexible ongoing maintenance packages to ensure that your gates are kept in good working condition, as well as priority emergency callouts should you need them. Just like anything in your home, keeping your gates in good condition will ensure not only that you get the most value out of them, but that they will be more likely to add value to your property should you choose to sell it.


Choosing the right partner

You don’t want substandard products being installed in your home. Century’s automatic gate solutions for both business and home use only the best UK manufactured products. Our skilled and experienced DBS-checked engineers will ensure they are installed correctly and maintained to a high standard. If you would like to find out more about automatic gates for your home, get in touch now.


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