Security with Good Looks – Century Automatic Gates have it all

This sometimes means that people are installing a new automated gate barrier system on their property; alternatively, an existing gate is being closed more often and the owner wants to automate the opening and closing process. This means that the gate does not need to be attended but can be controlled remotely.

The simple fact of automatic closing and opening greatly increases the security of any premises. Manually-operated gates are often left open when they should really be closed, as it can be a nuisance to be constantly opening and closing the gate. Let’s face it – a permanently open gate might as well not be there. With an automatic gate barrier system, the default position is closed; therefore, entry has to be requested.

Looks matter

Many owners of properties want a gate that is in keeping with the style and environment of their property. The days are long gone when automated gates were clunky, noisy and heavy, made of metal and frankly ugly. Today, gates can be designed, made and finished in a huge range of styles, materials and colours.

The great thing is that you can have elegance or tradition without compromising the gate’s strength and performance. A farmer may want a traditional hardwood farm gate that swings open, for example; in addition, they may want to control the gate from the farm office. This is all perfectly possible with modern automatic gate barrier system and extremely useful when the gate not visible from the house or office. Similarly, a modern townhouse development in a city centre may look best with a cutting-edge design that complements the architecture of the houses. Again, this can be delivered without diminishing the security functions of the gate.

Customised designs may be needed where the property is in a conservation area or is listed. Whether an 18th-century carriage gate style or a Victorian wrought iron design, it is now possible to combine cutting-edge features with classic heritage design.

Advanced technology for advanced security

Automatic gates can rise vertically, swing, or slide into position. As with all technology, the controls have advanced dramatically in recent years, with intuitive and easy to use interfaces. Remote controls can be issued for regular users, keypads can be installed that can be reprogrammed periodically, and sensors can be used to monitor arrivals and departures. For still greater security, the gate can have a link to a video entry system.

Safety is a key concern

Safety and security go hand in hand and it is important that an installer operates to the highest safety standards. There is a British Standard (12453) for the safe installation of automatic gates and for health and safety requirements. Safety features such as photocells that can recognise obstructions and rubber edges to the gate mechanism should come as standard.

Automatic gates will certainly enhance the value of a property as more and more people look to increase their security in response to rising crime levels.

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