Staff Spotlight: Harriet Pearshouse, Operations Director

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In the last few months at Century, we’ve expanded our engineering and sales teams and bought in a lot of great new people. Although we’re invested in our growth and love bringing in new people, we also greatly value the commitment of our long-standing employees, and it’s fantastic to see them progress as the business does.

Harriet Pearshouse, our Operations Director, has been with us just over 8 years – and has seen the business go through a lot of positive changes. We chatted to her about her role and what motivates her most about overseeing operations at Century Secure Group UK Ltd.


What’s your role at Century?

“I basically oversee everything operations-wise and make sure everything runs smoothly within the business and on projects. I oversee the installations teams and the service teams and make sure projects and installations are delivered on time. I also manage the training programme – being able to provide our staff with frequent and up to date training to allow them to develop is really important to us – and a big part of why we’ve been awarded the IIP accreditation!”


How has your role changed over the years?

“I started off as Office Manager, and then progressed into Operations Manager and then to Operations Director. I’ve obviously taken on a lot more responsibility and as the business has grown, I’ve had more staff and more projects to keep track of!”


How have you seen the business change over the years?

“Obviously we’ve grown massively in terms of staff – we’ve got a bigger engineering team and also more support staff which is really key to getting projects done on time and also providing customers with excellent service. As a result of having more staff, we’ve also had to put in place a really strong management structure and better processes which has really helped both us and our customers. The Gates and Barriers part of the business has also grown, which is great to see, and personally I really enjoy coordinating those projects!”


What do you enjoy most about you role?

“Honestly, I love organising things! A great day for me is when a project is completed by the deadline, and everything runs smoothly. Hearing about positive feedback from the customer after a successful installation just tops it all off.”


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