Staff Spotlight – Hayden Ball, Service Engineer

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We’re enjoying learning from the “new” recruits at Century at the moment – getting a fresh perspective on our business and our customers. We’ve recently bought in three additions to the engineering team, and Hayden Ball is one of them. Here’s what he said to say about his role at Century so far.


How long have you been with Century?

I started around mid-May. I’ve been an engineer in the security industry for about 4 years.


What’s your role at Century?

I’m an engineer on the fire and security side of things. My specialism is in fire and life safety equipment – that’s definitely my area of expertise. Day-to-day I’m mainly working on service and maintenance contracts for our customers – one of the main organisations I work with is University of Derby.


What are you enjoying most about your role with Century so far?

Definitely the variety of the work – no two days are the same! I’m also really enjoying the responsibility I’ve been given – I’m free to go and try and solve problems with customers on my own. There’s no micro-management, unless I need support, which is available when I need it. I also love the team atmosphere – it’s a very professional and well-established business, but everyone gets on really well.


What do you enjoy most about being an engineer in the security industry?

That the technology is always changing – there’s always something new to learn, a new solution to build a customer’s system around. As well as new technology, I have to constantly learn about older technology too. In my role providing service and maintenance, I can come across systems that are 20-30 years old, and I have to learn how to operate and maintain them from scratch!