Staff Spotlight: Kieran Murray, Gate and Barrier Team Leader

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Gate and barrier installations require a lot of organisation and coordination. Installing – in some cases – several tonnes of machinery will cause some level of upheaval on customer site, so it’s vital that it goes smoothly and disruption is kept to a minimum. With all that in mind, we need someone overseeing gates and barriers installations on-site who can get the job done, and is laser-focused on making customers happy. 

For us, that person is Kieran Murray, our Gate and Barrier Team Leader. Here’s a little more about Kieran and his role at Century Secure Group UK Ltd.


How long have you been with Century?

I’ve been with Century for 3 years, and I’ve been an engineer in the security space for around 10 years.


What’s your role?

Around 3 months ago I transitioned from Service Engineer into Gate and Barrier Team Leader. I oversee large engineering projects on-site involving gates and barriers and also have two engineers in my team. I do site visits and audits, taking key details and measurements that will enable me to give the customer a recommendation. As well as supervising on-site I also keep an eye on stock levels for parts both back at HQ and for the engineers’ boot stock. Although I specialise in gates and barriers I also support in other areas of the business, including access control and fire alarms. 


What do you enjoy most about your role?

Definitely the variety – truly, no two days are the same. Before coming to Century I worked in an office for 6 months, and it didn’t suit me at all! I much prefer being out and about. I love solving problems, tackling new challenges and diagnosing faults. At the end of the day, if I get a thank you and a smile from a customer, it all makes it worth it.For me keeping customers happy is a number one priority, and it’s what motivates me day-to-day.


What’s changed over your time at Century?

Growth! Both in terms of size of the business and the scope of the projects that we get to work on. I’m seeing new challenges all the time – there’s more pressure to deliver, but in a good way!


What are some projects you’ve been working on recently?

Every gate and barrier site installation goes through me at some point – so quite a few! Ones that stand out include automatic gates at a number of sites for the police, and a rising bollard and automatic gate solution for the Wheatcroft Group.