Staff Spotlight: Simon Spinks, Gates and Barriers Engineer

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We’ve seen a massive increase in recent years in the amount of gate and barrier projects we’re invited to get involved with, and as the size and scope of these projects gets bigger and in some cases more complex, it’s vital that we have strong team of engineers to look after them. One of those key people is Simon Spinks – and he’s the subject of this week’s staff spotlight.


What’s your role at Century?

I’m an engineer on the gates and barriers side – I’m responsible for everything in that area from fault finding to full installations. I can also lend my hand to other areas like CCTV,  access control and Automatic doors but gates and barriers is definitely my speciality.


How long have you been with Century?

Just over 5 years. I’ve been an engineer in the security gates and barriers industry for around 15-16 years altogether.


What do you enjoy most about your role?

Definitely the diversity of the work – every single day is different. Even on an install which can go across 2 or 3 days or more, there’s always a new challenge to overcome every day. When I’m fault-finding I’m in different places all the time, and it’s really exciting to go to new sites every day and try and figure out the solution to a new problem. It’s never boring!


What’s the biggest change that you’ve noticed over your time at Century?

How big the company has grown! In a relatively short time, we’ve gone from the small office in Heather to our premises in Coalville. I’m really proud to be part of the company and to have seen its growth. It’s exciting to be working on bigger scope projects, and there’s definitely continuing to be forward momentum in everything we do.


What are some projects you’ve worked on recently?

I’ve been doing a lot of work with the police – worked on some bi-folding gate installs at various police stations in Leicestershire as well as some fault-finding and maintenance in Oxfordshire. I’ve also carried out a lot of upgrade projects for schools, colleges and University’s – adding security measures and automation to existing gates.