Why should I install an ANPR system in my car park?

Should I install an ANPR system in my car park?

With the continuous development in innovation, a high quality ANPR system is an absolute must for your modern, secure and innovative car park and traffic management needs.

If you are looking for a new car parking system or an upgrade to your existing employee, visitor or customer car park, you may want to think about installing Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).  In this article Century Fire & Security discuss ANPR systems, what they are, how they are used and the benefits of a modern ANPR system.

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ANPR is the acronym for the term Automatic Number Plate Recognition. ANPR is a device that uses optical character recognition (OCR) and illumination technology to identify, read and record a vehicle’s licence plate.  At any time of the day or night these characters are then matched against a database. After the registration plate has been read and matched (or not matched) a message is passed to other integrated systems that allow a pre-configured action such as open the barrier or call an attendant.

You set the ANPR system parameters, for example:

  • You may want to secure and speed up or simplify the entry to your staff / employee car park. In a ‘staff only’ car park where employee vehicle registration numbers can be pre-collected, known and recorded on the database, you can set the barrier to open and allow access or egress to specific vehicles (maybe an express lane).  You can also record timings and even take an image of the driver and passenger(s) should you wish to do so.
  • You may operate a car park that has pre-determined parking conditions such as a timed or limited/conditional use. The ANPR system can record the vehicle entry and exit times and provide a report of all exceptions, such as vehicles that stayed longer then the conditions stipulate.
  • You may also operate a manufacturing or distribution centre that requires timed delivery slots for vehicles. ANPR will record the arrival and departure time of all vehicles, removing any doubt if vehicle movements are disputed.   ANPR can operate in a fast-moving environment such as a busy road with multiple traffic lanes.

This technology has the capability to record a clear picture of a vehicle at any time, day or night.  Apart from this, the ANPR system is also used for automated toll collection and the surveillance motions of traffic movement.

There are many other surveillance benefits to ANPR systems, in the main the system will record which vehicle registration number is in what location at a given time and take the pre-determined action. Century Fire & Security will be happy to discuss your next ANPR project and integration with you.

How Does ANPR Function?

ANPR cameras are strategically positioned to read vehicle registration number plates.  They can be positioned at the entry and also departure points of a parking area to capture information of the vehicle upon entering as well as leaving a property to recognise if the vehicle is unsanctioned, uninsured or stolen.  As the ANPR reads and also identifies the vehicle against a database, ANPR can also offer excellent evidential value to law or traffic enforcement who can access images that place a vehicle in a specific place at a specific time and the appropriate action can then be taken.   ANPR can be integrated into car park systems, speeding systems and to manage the flow of traffic.

How Will ANPR Streamline Your Business?

24-hour monitoring

With ANPR HD cameras, you’ve constantly got your eyes on your car park. You can take care of the traffic, manage any restrictions and it will certainly offer you an overview of activity, night and day.

Relatively Affordable

ANPR technology has been available since 1976, and became more readily available in the 1990’s with the decline in technology prices.  This means that today ANPR is widely used and integrated into other business and management systems, making automation much easier to implement.  With exceptional reporting ANPR no longer needs to be constantly monitored and has lower on-going support costs.  ANPR can be integrated to collect toll & parking fees, speed up access and produce parking and speed enforcement, whilst also maintaining records that can be accessed on demand. Much of the output from an efficient ANPR system needs little human input.  With most ANPR systems being networked, remote access can be given to support personal who may not need to visit the location to undertake initial diagnostics.

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