March Highlights

Spring has sprung – despite the promise of snow at some point – and it’s an exciting time here at Century. With lots of new projects starting and fantastic installations being completed, it’s great to focus on what we do best – bringing value to our customers. With that in mind, we thought we’d recap […]

Keeping the engine running

At Century, our focus is on two core values: providing our customers with impeccable service, and developing our team to not only help them deliver this service, but also to help them feel fulfilled and successful in their role. We recently made some changes and additions to our internal team in order to support growth […]

3 essentials for your business security system

Nowadays, there are a wide variety of business security solutions out there – from highly secure heavy-duty automated gates to cutting-edge video analytics and monitoring. Obviously, it’s not just about having all the bells and whistles – it’s about ensuring you have exactly what you need to protect your business. We pride ourselves on being […]

4 ways video analytics can make your business more secure

Technology is continually evolving to help us and enrich life in more ways than we’d ever thought possible. Whether it’s voice-activated virtual assistants or self-driving cars, it’s making us more informed, and our lives easier. In the field of security, it’s no different – technology is helping us be more secure and more safe.

Celebrating 18 years of Century

18 years ago, Century Fire and Security Ltd was incorporated. In February 2001, we were providing local businesses with quality security solutions, helping them to protect their most important assets. Almost 2 decades later we provide integrated security solutions to universities, colleges, police forces and multinational businesses. We’re continuing to grow and with our recent […]

4 things to consider when installing an access control system

Access control system

The entry points into your business are where you are at the most vulnerable. It’s vital that every barrier, gate or door is set up to provide a secure solution and keep out to unauthorised visitors and intruders. An effective access control or door entry system is what your organisation needs to efficiently and securely […]

Automatic barriers: what you need to know before buying for your business

As a business with commercial premises, physically protecting your property and your assets from intruders is an essential first-line security measure. We talked in a previous post about how automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) can be a useful tool, when combined with your automatic gates or barrier solution, in controlling who comes in and out […]

5 advantages of using an ANPR car parking system

Even in the time where cyber threats to a business are so prominent, it’s still vital to think about the physical threats, and ensure the perimeter of your premises are suitably protected. A business’ first line of defence and entry point is the security gate or automatic barrier. Choosing the right type of gate or […]